I'd like to draw the Cofek attention to an online surveys company called Sample House - I believe they are part of the wider Afrovas Research House. 

I've been a panelist with them since October 2014. When I joined, I was jobless but that has since changed and so I've not been as active in taking their surveys as I was back then.  

I wanted to close my Account but before then, I needed to withdraw the little amount that I had earned with them. I made sure I'd reached their minimum withdrawal threshold of KES.1,200 - I'd actually surpassed that as I had earned KES. 1,224 with them. 

On April 12th 2017, I made a withdrawal request for KES. 1,200. Sample house claims that one can withdraw via M-pesa or Airtel Money. In my case, the money should have been credited to my M-pesa Account as that's the line I registered my account with. 

What I thought would have been a few minutes' affair to effect has taken 3 months as to date I've never received my money - actually yesterday marked exactly 3 months since I made that withdrawal request. 

I've made numerous follow-ups with them through their support email but to no avail. Normally they'll never answer and on two occasions when they've answered, they keep asking for my email and phone number apparently for account confirmation. On both instances I've provided them with all the info fter which they've gone quiet. 

I decided to take up the matter with Afrovas directly and on 21st June 2017, I wrote to one of their team members; a Mr. Charles Obwanda Ochieng whose designation is Research & Client Liaison. Initially, he was quite responsive and promised to have the issue looked into within 48 hours - It's now 3 weeks and the matter is still unresolved! He's also gone quiet as my last email to him dated 7th July is still unanswered. 


In light of the above, I've felt it prudent to raise this issue with you so that maybe you dig in further into the operations of this firm. 

We don't know how many more people could be facing the same problem i.e having their legitimately earned payments withheld by Sample House. 

KES. 1,200 might appear so small (even trivial) to warrant raising an issue but it's my hard earned cash. I helped Sample House generate revenue by taking their surveys. Mark you, they deal with some of the big companies in town - I know Safaricom has used their services, EABL too and so I see no reason whatsoever why they should not pay my money. 

Please advise the public to exercise caution when dealing with Sample House Kenya lest they find themselves in my predicament too. 

Note: I've attached all my email correspondence with Sample House on the matter for your review. I've also attached a screenshot showing the amount pending and the withdrawal date.




Eliud Maina.

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