The Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) welcomes the SRC announcement of new salary structure for public servants.

For once, the move will seek to harmonize salaries for state and public officers thereby attempt to offer the missing link to wastage, rationale and productivity. Sh8 billion per annum is a significant but insufficient saving.

Be that as it may, it is curious that SRC announced the salary cuts at the time the cost of living is rising fast. Such a move is economically unsustainable. It would compel those affected to create uncivil alternatives to bridge the deficit.

Again, the timing of announcing the salary review betrays SRC as a Commission that feared to make the bold changes at the right time when Parliament and County Assemblies were in session. As a result, the twelfth parliament is likely to undo the gains.

The SRC needs to improve its processing and management of public-interest matters. As per High Court ruling on IEBC printing of presidential ballot papers, SRC is not exempted from public participation requirement as envisaged under Article 10. The Commission needs to consult more.

Guidelines from SRC even when backed up by Kenya Gazette notice and President Kenyatta’s address to the Nation requires to inclulcate more ownership from stakeholders.

Over and above the salary cuts, government must lower the cost of living, clear ghost workers off its’ payroll and seek for quick wins on the fight against corruption.

Kind regards,

Stephen Mutoro, Secretary General, Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek), Jull 11, 2017

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