RARE AND FATAL? An expert says that acute heart attack is not a rare condition - blamed for Gen Nkaissery death

Acute Myocardial Infarction is the medical term for a heart attack.

According to a study in august 2010 by Michael Bolooki & Arman Askari (Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education) "The survival rate for U.S. patients hospitalized with MI is approximately 95%. This represents a significant improvement in survival and is related to improvements in emergency medical response and treatment strategies.

"What is of import is for doctors to debunk the theory that AMI is rare and that it is necessarily fatal. That someone living so close to a Level 5 medical facility and with financial access can have zero chance of survival is itself a major indictment.

Saying "RIP" is laziness if we cannot at a minimum ask whether the General could have been saved.

Surely even UK citizens are holding their government to task about cladding and the fire that led to the death of Grenfell tower tenants. The question that has been bugging me is whether an ambulance was called. (From an expert who requested anonymity for obvious reasons) 

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