July 7, 2017 popularly known as "Saba Saba" liberation day spectacularly ushered in a great addition to the Cofek family - the 40408 SMS broadcast news service.

The news service went live at 7.00 pm bringing the digit 7 as our lucky number - having gone live at 7 on July 7 - 7 years since Cofek was formed in 2010!

The non-political news service seeks to pass key messages, in public interest, touching on many facets of the economy, lives and people's livelihoods.

Willing subscribers can opt-in to this exciting service by sending the words "Cofek On" to 40408. They will then receive a response with a simple process to follow. 

Among the first people to sign up for the service was the decorated broadcaster Mr Jeff Koinange of JKLive fame whose show airs every Wednesday on CitizenTV. "Signing up now now ... asante (thanks)", Mr Koinange said as he signed up. 

In just two hours, over 300 subscribers had signed up. Cofek is targeting to sign at least 500,000 subscribers by December, 2017.

"We will be talking to various private sector and other partners to encourage their staff and partners to sign onto the service as a form of CSR", said Cofek Program Officer Mr David Kedode.

Read more on the #CofekNews service 

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