THAT vide a Letter of Offer dated 5th November, 2012, the Purchaser accepted to purchaser a Three Bedroom Semi Detached Maisonette Number SD 398B (hereinafter the “Property”) from Superior Homes (Kenya) Limited (hereinafter the “Vendor”) for the sum of Kenya Shillings Ten Million Six Hundred and Eighty Thousand Only (Kshs 10,680,000/=);

 THAT on 5th November, 2012, the Purchaser paid the Vendor a commitment fee for the sum of Kenya Shillings One Hundred Thousand Only (Kshs 100,000/=) and was issued with a receipt number 1861;

 THAT on 25th November, 2012, we forwarded the Purchaser the draft Agreement for Sale and Lease documents for his review, comments and confirmation that the terms therein are as agreed between himself and the Vendor;

 THAT on 15th November, 2012 and 30th November, 2012, the Purchaser paid the Vendor the sum of Kenya Shillings Four Hundred and Eighty-Four Thousand each (Kshs 484,000/=) being the further top up to Ten (10%) percent of the Purchase Price, all amounting to Kenya Shillings Nine Hundred and Sixty-Eight Thousand Only (Kshs 968,000/=) and was issued with receipts number 1895 & 1926 respectively;

 THAT after several follow ups, the Purchaser executed the Agreement for Sale (hereinafter the “Agreement”) on the 25th February, 2013 and settled our fees amounting to Kenya Shillings One Hundred and Twenty-Four Thousand and Six Hundred Only (Kshs 124,600/=);

 THAT on 4th April, 2013 and in accordance with Clause (iii) of the Agreement, we issued the Purchaser with a Certificate of Occupation over the Property, dated 28th March, 2013;

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