The complaint on Superior Homes as received at Cofek

I entered into an agreement with people from Superior Homes of buying a house from them at a cost of Sh10,680,000 in November 2012 where i paid them Sh1,192,600 as the deposit.

Before the construction had been completed they decided to change the price from the Sh10,680,000 to Sh12,500,000 which I couldn't have raised. They decided to sell the house without even refunding even a coin to me.

They had introduced an advocate to me whom was to act for me whose name was Muriu Mungai where I also paid an amount of Sh120,000 as legal fee.

Unfortunately she never helped me in any way to recover my money claiming there wasn't much she could have done then.

I tried to even talk to the owner of the houses the white man (Mr Ian Henderson) but he told me he also could not help me and he stated that if there was any issue I should go to court.

He made sure his security guards got me away from his compound. Its at that point i despaired. Till to date no one has ever contacted me of the same. I pray to and authorize Cofek to help recover my monies and interest since 2012. John Chege Njuguna

Response from Superior Homes Ltd 

We refer to the above matter and to the email from yourselves and addressed to Ian Henderson resting on Wednesday, 21st June, 2017.

In response to the contents and issues raised therein and with regards to all matters within our knowledge, we wish to state as follows;


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