I hereby wish to lodge a formal complaint against officers working with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission in the name of Mr Andrew Mogere (Regional ICT Officer-South Nyanza IEBC Based in Kisii), Mr Evans (Accountant - Officer-South Nyanza IEBC) and Regional Elections Coordinator (South Nyanza – IEBC).

In the manner in which they have handled the issue of my payment for services delivered the commission, I have chosen to write this mail after waiting for over three months my payment.

We have others who chose not to follow-up with their cases for fear of victimization (victimization in a sense they won’t be given job opportunities to work with IEBC in case of vacancies in the near future). 

I worked with IEBC at the South Nyanza Regional Office under the supervision of Mr Mogere (the regional ICT Officer). As usual, we were supposed to be paid at the end of the exercise since we were working on temporary basis. After a week all my colleagues got paid except me.

Mr Mogere and Mr Evans are known to ask people for cash in return for the job opportunities (they even sleep around with ladies in return for IEBC temporary job favors).

I refused to commit myself to giving any bribe before or after receiving my pay. I don’t believe in bribing to get a job. This led to my payment being withheld. It’s now three months down the line.

I have been going to concerned parties to ask about my money I have always been given one false story after another. 

I got fed up and chose to approach the Regional Elections Coordinator (Based in Kisii) for help. The officer didn’t have kind words for me. All he could say was that I was after maligning the name of his workers. The question is how? And yet I have not been paid three months down the line, is that maligning?

He eventually told me to leave his office and not to come back stating that the issue was so trivial for him to handle. If the officer who was supposed to help me get paid could handle himself in such a manner what am I supposed to do? For sure I have been so patient with all of them.

All I want is to be paid the money that I worked for. Remember we have plenty of others who are have not been paid but don’t know where to go for help. Cofek, please help out.

Steve Onaya (0723***739)


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