We had an issue with EABL’s bundling Senator Keg Beer with UDV products (Spirits) which we raised on February 17th and we managed to amicably resolve and close by 29th March 2017. We thank your teams on the ground for supporting us and this practice stopped. 

We have another issue that we would like your help in, enforcement of price control by EABL. 

In April the EABL Senator Keg price per barrel changed from KES3,450.00 to KES4,160.00, an increase by KES710.00. Naturally as has been the norm in a free market economy, retailers adjusted beer pieces accordingly and the price of 500ML Senator Keg mug changed from KES 50.00 to KES 60.00. 

In May, EABL summoned bars owners and asked them not increase their prices but the Bar Owners disagreed with the position of EABL as it was not in their best interest. 

EABL in an attempt to force their point across, they threatened to enforce price control by;

  • Taking away the pumps hence crippling the retailers operations
  • Refuse to sell Senator Keg barrels to retailers       

On 12th June EABL began enforcing the price control by refusing to sell Senator Keg barrels to retailers who disagreed with EABL. 

We are appealing to you to direct EABL officers who are accompanying EABL distributors lorries to stop this practice as its subjecting retailers to unnecessary suffering. 

Your quick response will be appreciated <Joe Keiro>

Editor's Note: EABL response awaited

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