According to the aggrieved staff members, the following jobs were left out in the advertisement:

Economic Regulations Department

Economic Planner- level 7

Economic Planner II- level 6

Renewable Energy Department

Senior Technical Officer Energy Efficiency II – Level 7

Senior Technical Officer Renewable Energy II – Level 7

Procurement Department 

Senior Procurement Officer – Level 7 

Communications and Public Affairs Department

Corporate Communications Manager – Level 8

Human Resource and Administration Department

Head of Security – Level 7

Petroleum Department

Director Petroleum – level 10

This position was not advertised yet somebody (that is Senior Manager Petroleum) has contrary to the law been holding this job on acting capacity for more than two years now. This has led to a lot of inefficiencies in implementation of petroleum regulations, especially those dealing with safety and petroleum product quality. Although the Senior Manager Petroleum is supposed to be coordinating issues of safety and quality he has been left to handle boardroom activities hence neglecting these serious issues.

Electricity Department

The major issue in this department is that the job descriptions were so manipulated to a point that the Engineers Board of Kenya wrote to the Acting Director General but no action was taken.

Further, according to the aggrieved staff members, all the job descriptions for the advertised jobs were altered.

The allegations were grave because if unqualified persons are assigned duties the quality of work will be compromised and the public interested in the good governance of the respondent will be compromised.

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