Minutes later, the lady calls me and ushers me to the kitchen where she has rounded up six men for my identification. I point to a separate man still working who closely resembles my aggressor.

He immediately denies and says its yet another person who looks like him. Minutes later after walking out to look for the real aggressor, he walks back in and recants claiming to have no idea what I am talking about!

Meanwhile the tallest cook handling some hot oil in a wok switches on the fireplace and intentionally flaps the cooking spoon in our direction audibly cursing under his breath.

Thank God my daughter was wearing a hooded sweater and facing away. Drops of hot oil land on my right eyelid and a bit on the Chinese lady who seems unbothered by such open aggression.

She calls to a Chinese man who walks out and comes in with men dressed up as GSU personnel with AK47 guns completely misplaced in this script. Why GSU and not the police? How fast? They walk in briskly with their guns in place. Walk into the restaurant and out again.

It slowly dawns upon me from what the lady says and the ease of this choreograph that this is a common place incidence. There are employees who habitually harass female patrons as they play with their children near the kitchen area.

And all the management does is threaten the workers and reassure the patrons by this stage managed cops script. By now the lady is back to the front desk to continue counting her money and I know am just the pawn in this game.

I walk back and request my husband that we leave immediately. The waiter promptly comes to cash out our bill (how timely to keep business priorities in check!)

As I walk away, every other worker in the premises keeps looking my way and whispering away. I felt a victim of what is a now accepted sexual crime.

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