On 14th May 2017, Mother's day, I decided to have a treat and eat out for dinner with my family at New For You Chinese Restaurant, Gitanga Road opposite Kobil petrol station. We arrived at 8.30 pm and our two girls promptly went to the playground.

At about 9.00 pm as I am playing with my 2 and a half year old child on the swings adjacent to the restaurant kitchen, I hear someone beckoning to me. He is calling through the kitchen window. I turn and ignore assuming he must be trying to reach out to a fellow colleague nearby.

He persists calling me "mrembo", "baby". I ignore and am more incensed that this is in front of my daughter.

He then moves on to a window closer to the swings and he is now a breath away. He then asks in Swahili; Why are you playing hard to get and yet you look like a loose girl" Insinuating am a prostitute?

This was too much! I asked his name and walked straight to the lady in charge at the front desk demanding to be told to desist from verbally abusing me.

The Chinese lady positively looked angered (I thought). She asks a staff member close by if he knows this name. He stated the name is fake then turns to me and states this is a common annoying behavior by the kitchen staff. I walk away hoping never to experience this.

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