@supanadida: You have the audacity to advertise when you are down?? That's just hilarious 😂. Stabilize your network kwanza! #ZukuExcessiveDownTime

Others asked for refunds: @dwandolo: #ZukuExcessiveDownTime i need a refund on the days i haven't  worked including today! false speed promises too @ConsumersKenya

Others riled at Zuku inability to pick calls: @Nyamburawahome: @Zuku_WeCare @ZukuOfficial #ZukuExcessiveDownTime Why can't I reach you on phone? What kind of service is this that I can't even reach you?

@BitrizCodero: @BitrizCodero @Zuku_WeCare @ZukuOfficial Any response regarding my account? Internet ain't working and your lines not working. #ZukuExcessiveDownTime

On its part, Cofek asked Communications Authority to intervene "From #ZukuExcessiveDownTime we demand that the @CA_Kenya invokes invokes relevant law to order no April  payments to @ZukuOfficial #12426"

Prominent lawyers Ms Kaari Murungi and Mr Apollo Mboya were among those who complained of Zuku's bad service

ICT Cabinet Secretary further weighed in to a complaint: "Have you formally written to CA on the complaint? If so, I will follow up with them. There are service obligations the service providers" he asked on Twitter

Communications Authority is yet to respond to consumer outrage. It is no clear what action CA will take. It has hardly taken any drastic decision before.

Kenyan consumers pay highly for a slow and poor internet service years after the much-hyped undersea cables arrived.



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