Kenyans took to social media to vent their frustrations with "missing service" at the internet service provision firm, Zuku.

Led by Cofek, consumers expressed outrage at Zuku's "efficient disconnection and inefficient reliability of service".

The company, which hardly responds to consumer complaints online, went a notch higher in attempting to ignore the complaints by advertising their services on Twitter.

But things changed when the hashtag  started trending. Zuku started responding to individual complaints.

@SokoAnalyst: Hey @ZukuOfficial why promise what you can't deliver? Why seduce a woman you can't give an orgasm really? @ConsumersKenya needs to intervene
@SokoAnalyst‏: Its indeed sad if firms like @ZukuOfficial can market products based on affordable pricing only for them to screw us up without a care
@SokoAnalyst: Dearest @ZukuOfficial , is this how you treat valued customers? Indeed cheap is EXPENSIVE. Your downtime is way too much. @ConsumersKenya

@HitenVaya: You have the audacity to advertise when you are down?? That's just hilarious 😂. Stabilize your network kwanza! #ZukuExcessiveDownTime

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