Kenya’s top HIV/AIDS vaccine researcher Professor Omu Anzala has been caught in an ugly and embarrassing row with his Runda Evergreen estate neighbour over leaf-shedding boundary trees he is reluctant to cut and or trim to the neigbour’s expectation.

Following various requests in vain, his neighbour Mrs Grace Mungai came calling at Cofek in early January.

Cofek intervention saw Prof Anzala reluctantly cut and trim some of the offending trees. But Mrs Mungai felt that the professor of micro-biology had done enough. This is how it unfolded as told by Mrs Mungai;

It is with a lot of frustration and anguish that I write this email due to the stress my neighbour's  trees have caused my family and I for quite some time now – by my next (door) neighbour in Runda Evergreen.

Omu Anzala is a Professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology at the University of Nairobi and Director of KAVI – Institute of Clinical Research (KAVI - ICR) ,has these trees on our common boundary which happens to border my driveway.  

These trees which include umbrella, avocado trees and others shed a lot of leaves and fruit on my driveway.

For a period of not less than three years we have literally begged him to deal with the offending trees in vain. Many are the times when he has given us empty promises.

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