“I wanted her to at least come and dress me. I was dirty and bleeding and my panty was down. As I moved out in the presence of students who were taking lunch and workers all over to see what was happening. Many thought I had been raped. There was blood coming from my thigh entering my shoe, I was limping,” she narrated.

Karimi’s attack this year was triggered by an incident that happened two years after she joined the school in 2012.

“Juma started his sex advances in 2014. He used to tell me you are the prettiest woman that I have ever seen. At first I told him thank you.”

“I realised when we are passing on corridors Mr Juma wanted we meet head on collision, I used to run away from him. The sexual advances were several. He would tell me ‘you look yummy’, in 2014, 2015 he didn’t stop telling me ‘you are sexy’.”

On September 20, 2014, Juma threw a science party meant to celebrate her birthday. But she didn’t show up.

“The following Monday he called me to his office and asked me, ‘Karimi, I want you to explain me why you let me down’,” she said she had a family birthday party.

“And so he asked me,” ‘Have you ever tasted a Luo?’

“And I told him, Sir, is a Luo a meal in any of the hotels?”

“Then I told him, even if God eroded the earth, you and me were left, nothing can happen. And from that particular day, he now declared war on me,” she explained as she broke down into tears.

Whenever there were office meetings, he resorted to embarrassing and threatening her.

At some point, the Principal had conspired with the Guidance and Counselling teacher to slap her so that she could fight back.

But because she knew of the witch-hunt she did not fight back.

The threats went as far as hiding her Kenya Revenue Authority forms and her pay slips.

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