“Madam (name withheld) who was standing grabbed my hair plucking my braids which were only two days old. She shouted saying, Karimi, today people will collect you at the morgue, release your phone or else I kill you, I must get all the recordings, video, tapes and photos that you have been taking.”

This happened as a third teacher held her to allow the first madam to injure her.

And as the beating continued, there was suddenly an excruciating pain on her thigh.

The teacher after plucking off her hair pierced her thigh with a sharp object.

“I saw death with my own eyes. I screamed louder calling their names, asking – why are you killing me.”

During that commotion the Principal entered the office and joined the gang that was roughing her up.

“Mr Juma hit me against the office table hurting my ribs. He then stepped backward and closed the door,” she recalled even the insults that accompanied her during the gruelling attack.

The hair that was plucked off was picked up and thrown at her telling her; “you stupid fool, today is your end.”

At that moment she was again hit with a paper punch and a stapler and she was again asked to surrender all the evidence she had against Juma.

They were still searching for her phone which she had hidden in her bra then in her inner wear.

She got help after a different teacher went to the ‘slaughter house’ to respond to the distress call that she begged him to call a female colleague.

“I wanted her to at least come and dress me. I was dirty and bleeding and my panty was down. As I moved out in the presence of students who were taking lunch and workers all over to see what was happening. Many thought I had been raped. There was blood coming from my thigh entering my shoe, I was limping,” she narrated.

Karimi’s attack this year was triggered by an incident that happened two years after she joined the school in 2012.

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