“I know what will happen if I move out of here. If my life is to end but I will want to say something, if saying no to someone, keeping your dignity as a woman is wrong, then I am ready for that death, at least go down that I protected my dignity,” she said as she broke down into tears.

“I cannot even speak about my fear, I even fear my own shadow, I walk looking back if someone is following me, I have nightmares, I have one that is recurring that someone is trying to suffocate me. I have been going to sessions of therapy.”

Kessio, a mother of one has been a frequent hospital client.

Her weight dropped from 50 kilos to 40 kilos.

Capital FM News has a medical report from a doctor recommending counselling sessions.

Provisional diagnosis showed that she has ‘clinical depression’.

According to records from a counselling centre in Nairobi, she has so far attended four sessions.

Kessio’s sexual harassment case at Uhuru Secondary School is not the only one filed at the TSC.

The second case concerns Biology and Agriculture teacher Mary Karimi Muhia who still has marks of assault on her thigh and head.

According to a P3 form filed at Buruburu Police station, it was recorded that Karimi was assaulted by the three teachers after she was summoned by the Deputy Principal to his office on February 23, 2017.

The Investigating Officer at Buruburu Police station confirmed the case was under probe; “we are investigating we cannot comment further.”

The moment she entered the office, three teachers attacked her trying to snatch a phone in which she had recorded students confessing that the school Principal had coerced them to lie that she had given them an examination leakage.

It was the phone they also thought she had recorded evidence of sexual harassment by the principal.

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