“Imagining more years with him, I didn’t think I would survive, I started looking for other avenues like going for study leave,” she recalled she couldn’t qualify again because of the five-year rule.

“My life at Uhuru has been so difficult such that if you are not threatened you are intimidated, if you are not intimidated, children are laughing at you because the principal has this habit of discussing teachers with students.”

On scrutinising the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination results 2016, we realised performance of students in the subjects she teaches, History was third and CRE was fourth in the school rank.

After all the drama, she hoped 2017 would be a better year.

But it was until he ran into her at the assembly ground that Kessio knew the war was far from over.

He told her she looked sexy and asked; “Have you ever tasted a Luo?”

Capital FM News is in possession of a letter sent by Kessio to TSC dated March 1, 2017.

Referenced as, ‘Sexual harassment, threats and a difficult working environment’ Kessio wrote “I wish to lodge a complaint of sexual harassment by the Principal, Uhuru Secondary School, Mr Juma Duncan. I have been intimidated and harassed and I no longer have an ounce of energy to fight back.”

Throughout the letter, she narrated a trail of incidents in which Juma made sexual advances and upon refusal he resorted to intimidation, death threats and embarrassment.

Capital FM News is in possession of minutes of several meetings held at the school – some to discuss issues raised with the Education County Office and TSC over the sexual harassment complaints and others to accuse Kessio of sullying the name of the school.

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