The Principal later called explaining that he could not remember and did not understand how the message left his phone to her phone.

Since it was during the holidays, she kept cool and hoped the threats would subside by the time schools re-opened.

In September 2015, Juma became the Principal.

“He didn’t stop calling me to his office.”

He even promised to promote her to head the Humanities Department if she accepted to become his girlfriend.

But she refused.

Kessio also refused to take Sh2,000 he offered and requested her to accompany him to Mombasa.

The Principal, Kessio recalled kept on telling her; “you look tempting, you look sexy” on the many occasions he ran into her within the school compound.

After he realised Kessio would not give in, he resorted to using students in her class to malign and disparage her.

“He told them that the notes I used to teach them were college notes and they were not authentic and that he had slapped me with them. How I got to know – some of the students came to me and asked me; ‘Mwalimu, how can you be slapped in this compound and we don’t know, how can you condone to be beaten up’,” she recalled as she fought back her tears.

She confronted him during a meeting attended by the Dean of Studies after Juma alleged that she had not taught well.
“I finally got the opportunity to ask him, ‘what is it do you want from me?”

But that did not stop the intimidation.

On September 19, 2016 she wrote to TSC requesting for a transfer but for fear that the principal would revenge, she stated that her reason for the transfer was over distance to the school.

“The transfer did not go through. I was told I am under the five-year rule. The principal brought the letter to me and sarcastically told me ‘you are not going anywhere’.”

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