Officials of Kenya Bankers Association at a past event

We refer to the above matter in which we act for integrated Payment Services Limited (our “Client “). Our client has provided us with a copy of your letter dated 10th March 2017 with instructions to respond as follows: 

Our client has no knowledge of and denies your client’s allegation regarding your client’s country of incorporation and business. More specifically, our client denies that your client has used or has any right to use the mark “PESA LINK” as alleged or at all

Our Client also denied that it has made any inconsiderate use of the mark “PESA LINK” as alleged or at all.

Our client further denies that it has made any misrepresentation or that it has passed off its product as being related to and/or endorsed by your client with the intention of misleading your client’s consumers and the general public as alleged or at all

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