Former powerful CEO Sumayya Athman Hassan: Sections of staff against acting CEO MaryJane Mwangi

As concerned employees of National oil, we are willing to bring to your attention the concern of the recruitment process of CEO position, National Oil. This matter is concerning to staff because the job advertisement is skewed in favour of the current acting CEO.

The job requirements in the advertisement looks like profile of acting CEO. It also blocks other very qualified Kenyans. This, in staff opinion, is to stop competition process.

If this process is not changed now, then acting CEO will become CEO which is not good.

The advert says applications to be sent to chairman of board through specific email instead of through recruitment agent like other organizations do.

Because of above, staff are fearful that acting CEO will become CEO. Why are they fearing? Because of the following reasons;

The acting CEO has little integrity.

  1. She helped in the recruitment of a Customer Service manager who reports directly to GM, DSO which was her prior position and not to other HODs in marketing department. This manager pays no attention for shippers only concentrating on resellers who are used for offloading products cheaply. The resellers are bad business and have caused losses to the corporation. One reseller, Julius (Generations) is so powerful that staff at depot cannot answer back at him; and he is the one who says what should be done at depot.
  2. She organized for purchase of several parcels of land at inflated prices in network development department by sending out chosen teams to do fake due diligence and bring numbers that look good but are deceiving. These lands were purchased by direct procurement method and examples are Shimoni and Thika to mention a few.
  3. She allocates stations to her friendly dealers who do not go through proper interview process and hence poor performance for stations.
  4. She lied to former CEO and caused purchase of very expensive LPG skids which are not working whereby two are lying unattended at the depot and tying 15 Million Shillings.
  5. She favours the lady transporter called Brits and rumors are that she owns this company
  6. She asks for kitu kidogo during procurement from suppliers like the one for PR services
  7. She likes direct procurement method when there is a deal for her (check Kapese tender)
  8. She scares procurement staff with scolding so that they can procure as per her liking depending on interest level (check procurement of containerized stations)
  9. She bullies National Oil engineering department when it comes to construction and only companies she knows are awarded tenders for station construction which are constructed very costly (check Gilgil station)
  10. She and another former manager who was her favorite employee changed the lease arrangement of amount of money paid for lease of times station to pay even more money causing the corporation to lose money. This manager is now a distributor of our lubes
  11. She spoiled the business of lubricants by partnering with foreign companies and overstocking the warehouse with lubricants when sales are not very good hence tying millions of money
  12. She recently involved National Oil with a third party lady in the KPA contract and this lady is not known how services were procured (it must be direct procurement)

 The acting CEO is not a professional manager

  1. She is the wife to the boss of Tullow Oil which is doing very big business with National Oil that will lead to a lot of conflicts of interest like the Kapese station and Brits transport who are transporting fuel to them.
  2. She is always discussing senior managers to junior staff along the corridors always saying she will fire them. Senior managers are frustrated and cannot work well because she undercuts them with juniors
  3. She does not want all the good retail managers to do their job. After very short spaces of time every new retail manager quits or is transferred.
  4. She changes peoples from one department to another to make them fail and then they are fired demoted. This has caused very many staff to resign (about 5 since she has been acting CEO)
  5. She is frustrating her driver who works very long and inhuman hours i.e. 4am to midnight without offs and the tea lady who as to come early at 5am to open the office for her and clean her office.
  6. She uses obscene and bad language in public gathering of staff and gives examples and illustrations in her mother tongue without respect to those who are not of her mother tongue
  7. She always mentions board name in everything that should be done by the corporation and the management and says board will sack everybody to scare staff
  8. She has her favorite managers like the company secretary whom she has chosen by considering tribe. Those who are not her tribe cannot be in her list of favorites
  9. She always mentions her husband and expects things to be done the way he does things- it is like he s the one who is the CEO. When she is not mentioning the husband, then it is herself, her money and lifestyle
  10. She does not sympathize with staff and will always be ready to relieve them of job if they speak the truth about issues where she is involved in a bad way. Staff are very scared of being victimized and will be watching when bad things like theft are taking place. Staff who are Muslims are very scared because the are considered all friends of the former CEO
  11. She makes rules but only those she does not like have to follow the rules which if they don’t they are in trouble e.g. She leaves the office early sometimes but when someone has emergency to leave early she refuses
  12. She has given jobs to her relatives especially in marketing and customer service departments who are very friendly with drivers and resellers. This has resulted in a very large employee count in downstream which is where all the problems of the corporation begin from.

Because of these reasons, if according to the advertisement, the search is for proven intellectual leadership in managing people, operations and financial resources then the acting CEO, Maryjane Mwangi is the wrong candidate for the corporation and country. Please do not allow her recruitment to continue

Further, all the troubles of this corporation stared in downstream where the acting CEO was the general manager. During the time she has been the general manager, she has employed so many number of persons as this was her constant lame excuse for underperformance. Now that she is eating the benefits of the position, she is now on a mode of sacking staff. This mode is meant to hide all the monkey business that she is responsible.

If you allow her recruitment to proceed, she will monkenise this corporation and make go on its knees. For the sake of our beloved country, please… please stop this recruitment!

Thank you,

"Concerned national Oil Staff"








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