We have received numerous complaints on Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC) excessive billing for December 2016 consumption resulting from many months of estimated bills.

Whenever accurate readings are taken, consumers are over-charged with bills ranging between 5 to 10 times on average bills.

It is unacceptable that KPLC would then expect such inflated bills to be settled within one month.

We are demanding that KPLC immediately suspends electricity disconnections for at least three months to allow affected consumers settle the accrued arrears.

We have informed the KPLC management of the challenge and any adversely affected post-paid consumers are requested to inform Cofek secretariat accordingly.

As a way forward, we are asking KPLC to stop focusing on new connections at the expense of reading meters.

It is in the interest of KPLC revenue collection to ensure that accurate readings are taken at every 3 months. This would allow for accurate billings and appropriate household budgeting for electricity bills.

We are asking KPLC to be innovative and partner with consumers to be reading and relaying their own readings.

As an alternative, KPLC need to resume reconnection of consumers with the right quality of pre-paid meters.  

Jackie Kamau, Program Officer, Consumers Federation of Kenya, February 7, 2017

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