From tomorrow, you will be able to receive a few tailored messages at the comfort of your phone. The message will only be send to those individuals who subscribe at a minimal fee per message.

The fees shall range from Sh5 to Sh10 per message. Once the short code 40408 from Safaricom goes live - subscribers will opt-in by sending a message "Cofek In" and opt-out at any moment by keying in the words "Cofek Out" to the number.

The development follows last year's approval granted to Cofek to offer the service by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

"We are excited at this new development. It means we will soon be able to reach all consumers and update them on security, health, farming, food, banking, education, environmental, sports and other issues on need-to-know basis", said Secretary General Mr Stephen Mutoro.

Added Mr Mutoro, "We are in discussion with Airtel Kenya, Telkom Kenya, Equitel, Jamii Mobile and other service providers to join Safaricom in sending out messages to our members, subscribers, partners and the subscribing general public. We want to get consumer protection a notch higher and in a digital way".

The #CofekBreakingNews product allows for a limited number of life-saving consumer news, every week. It is also about issues you need to prioritize as a consumer. 

"We will not share stale news or compete with media houses. We will actually be breaking news on cross-cutting issues no one wants to tell you. We will be going for the story-behind-news in 140 or so characters. We will continually researching to ensure we give live to the expectation of subscribers", says Cofek Program Officer David Kedode.

"Its also a way of Kenyans supporting and engaging with the Cofek brand. We call upon corporates to urge their staff and partners to subscribe to #40408 as part of shared corporate social responsibility", added Mr Kedode

The Cofek team will rely on ordinary Kenyans to share authentic information - in public interest - as soon as they witness it.

If you need to book for the service, in advance, please express interest by sending your details of name and cellphone to: 0715555550, 0733180008 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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