Subsequent to that, we were paid an informal visit by an employee of East African Breweries Limited, Joseph Kiniti, trying to confirm if we really had gotten any defective product from his employers to which we confirmed that we did and upon asking for what we wanted to be done, our reply was simple, "We want reassurance that the problem of defective products shall cease and a visible sign of quality control improvement in their processes as because it was affecting our business and clientele". He requested for some time and he would get back to us, but still has not.

Subsequent to that, on 7th February 2015 we made another purchase of beer from Bia Tosha and established that two (2) crates of White Cap Lager were similarly defective and unfit for human consumption.

Due to the lack of response and insistence in testing to be done at their laboratories, we forwarded samples of the defective products to the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) and they are conducting tests on the defective product and now feel that we need to also inform you because the manufacturer of the products do seem to take this matter seriously to the extent of our complaint being totally ignored.

We hereby wish to notify you of this issue as we await test results to come back from NACADA. (Bushel's Ltd)


Speaking to Cofek on phone, however, a senior manager who did not wish to be named confirmed that NACADA doesn't receive and or test any samples of alcohol.

"That is a preserve of KEBS, Public Health and Government chemist", he added. This brings confusion on this crucial consumer issue.

The official also mentioned that an irregular procurement of media advertisements worthy Sh67,339,189 is at the centre of incessant wars between sections of the board and the management.


#3 LWK 2015-08-13 12:46
Did it occur to you that Beer Tosha could be selling counterfeits refilled into EABL bottles. The practice of making counterfeits is quite rampant in Kenya. Authorities are not able to deal with it and neither can the manufacturers who are actually victims of illegal trade. What the public needs is education and awareness so that they are better able to protect themselves from exploitation by illegal traders.
#2 patrick mwangi 2015-07-24 10:17
i have a pub at wilson but yesterday i was so disapointed by your services i paid for five crates of beer and it was not delivered this was thro p pesa when i called one of your employee was very rude m-pesa ref no jgn4rhawye time 958 am
#1 Chris Kituto 2015-06-24 04:35
Unbelievable. The law should take it's cause.

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