We write to you formally to notify you (Cofek) about defective products supplied to us by East African Breweries Limited through their appointed distributors known as Bia Tosha Distributors to address you as follows;

On Saturday 29th November 2014, we purchased beer two (2) crates of Tusker Lager, we made payment and took possession of the same for retailing to our customers.

However, upon serving the said Tusker Lager to our customers, it was revealed that the beer bottles contained foreign products that were not Tusker Lager which had a distinct scent and taste associated with general cleaning detergent and a milky grey look (see attached video). From opening a few more bottles from that batch, we noticed the same and put them aside because we believed that product was defective and therefore not fit for human consumption.

We wrote to East African Breweries Limited through our lawyer, Daniel Mabera, after which we got a request for the defective products for testing at their laboratories and we in turn requested for testing to be done by an independent institution.


#3 LWK 2015-08-13 12:46
Did it occur to you that Beer Tosha could be selling counterfeits refilled into EABL bottles. The practice of making counterfeits is quite rampant in Kenya. Authorities are not able to deal with it and neither can the manufacturers who are actually victims of illegal trade. What the public needs is education and awareness so that they are better able to protect themselves from exploitation by illegal traders.
#2 patrick mwangi 2015-07-24 10:17
i have a pub at wilson but yesterday i was so disapointed by your services i paid for five crates of beer and it was not delivered this was thro p pesa when i called one of your employee was very rude m-pesa ref no jgn4rhawye time 958 am
#1 Chris Kituto 2015-06-24 04:35
Unbelievable. The law should take it's cause.

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