Few of my friends have told me that she has even gone to the extent of demoting people if she does not succeed to have them send home. She has frustrated very many of our Kenyan people.

This is our country which we must be proud of even if we are blacks or Kikuyus as she calls us.

I believe you saw in the media for the last two years that most of the senior positions have been taken over by foreigners which were held by Kenyans. Just to mention, below are a few of the positions which were held by Kenyans and have been taken over by foreigners after the Kenyans were either sacked or forced to resign;  

  • Group managing Director was held by Gerald Mahinda and he was replaced by Charles Ireland.
  • Group operations Director was held by Mr. Kareithi and he was replaced by Peter Votglader
  • Group controls and compliance manager was held by Peter Ndete and he was replaced by  Patriceh
  • Route consumer manager  was a Kenyan who is expected to know all the Kenyan routes but he was replaced by Alaister Musslewhit and list goes on.
  • The legal counsel/company secretary was held by Mrs. Agnes Murgor and she was replaced by James Edmund  

It is worthy noting that Mrs. Tracy Barnes’ position was previously held by a Kenyan by the name Peter Ndegwa who did it so well that the company financial position was very sound unlike today. 

It is very sad to say that the senior positions held by the few remaining Kenyans are clearly in danger if Tracy Barnes is left to continue in her position. 

For the sake of our Kenyan people working in fear in EABL who are working for their innocent wives and children in school, I strongly urge the department to cancel the above work permit immediately. 

(anonymous with) C.C:

The Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior and coordination of National Government, P.o Box 30191-00100, Nairobi


#6 Moses 2016-09-05 13:48
Diageo, a UK company is the majority shareholder in EABL. The effect of selling off shares for personal gain through using Govt resources.
#5 anonymous 2016-01-21 12:35
But again the same company if wholly left with kenyans to run it will be on its knees in no time. Having one tribe dominating in such a compay is unacceptable. I condem rasism though.
#4 anon 2015-09-04 08:57
And why were all those previous positions held by kikuyus?or are kikuyus the only Kenyans who are allowed?
#3 Chris 2015-07-07 12:47
Aende mara hiyo hiyo.
#2 Chris Kituto 2015-07-07 12:46
We must not allow such racists. She should be shown the door.
#1 Anonymous 2015-05-29 07:26
Hi ! What was the outcome or conclusion of this sad saga ?

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