November 28, 2014

Mr Henry Rotich
Cabinet Secretary
The National Treasury
Treasury Building, 14th Flr

Dear Mr Rotich, 


The shock steep rise in regulatory fees by The Commission for University Education (CUE), refers.

That every student enrolled in all universities (especially public ones) will pay Sh1000 (Bachelors); Sh1,500 (Masters); Sh2,000 (PhD) and Sh800 (Post Graduate Diploma), and considering the ever-rising enrollment is not only irrational, unreasonable but unnecessary. This is in addition to higher fees for other CUE services. All these costs will be borne by consumers of higher education. As such, we write to strongly oppose the move by CUE and other regulatory agencies on the following grounds;

(a) This will make the cost of public universities unaffordable for many Kenyan families and will lead to many dropouts. Again, it will aggravate the already worse inflation levels.
(b) There is no equivalent increment of student loans by the Higher Education Loans Board
(c) There was no known public consultation as required by the appropriate laws. In essence, the Gazette Notice by CUE is a plain illegality.
(d) The CUE has no justification whatsoever on the rationale and explanation as to the basis of the fees they wish to apply. Further, the proposed higher fees does not reflect the benefit of volume of scale and the increasing numbers of annual enrollment. Again, it appears, the CUE would obviously wish to levy more to cover up for its inefficiencies and or their luxury of excess revenue considering their core mandate is limited approval meetings and limited local travel only.
(e) If allowed, other dozens of regulatory agencies with power to levy fees from the public will follow suit

From the foregoing, we demand as follows;

(a) That the CUE proposed regulatory fees increment be shelved and the offending Gazette Notice be immediately revoked
(b) That you immediately chair a meeting together with your Education colleague, CUE, Vice Chancellors, Student leaders and ourselves to review this matter further

(c) That you issue a moratorium to all regulatory agencies not to rush to gazette fee increments without due process

(d) That all regulatory agencies fees ought to be collected by Kenya Revenue Authority and not by themselves
(e) By copy to Clerk of the National Assembly, we urge the Parliamentary Committees of Finace, Trade & Planning and that of Budget, review the continued abuse of regulatory powers to exploit unsuspecting members of the public
(f) Finally, we urge parents and guardians to reject any public university fees pegged on the CUE Gazette Notice or a related reason.

Failing favourable action from your end, within 7 days from the date of this letter, we will have no option other than seeking a legal intervention against yourself, your Education counterpart, the CUE and the Attorney General.

In the meantime, we look forward to your early and favourable response.

Yours Sincerely

Stephen Mutoro
Secretary General


Prof Jacob T. Kaimenyi
Cabinet Secretary
Ministry of Education
Jogoo House

Mr Justin Bundi
Clerk to the National Assembly
Parliament Buildings

Prof David K. Some
Commission Secretary
Commission for University Education
Red Hill Road, Off Limuru Road, Gigiri.
P.O. Box 54999 – 00200


#14 George Butu 2016-09-24 13:20
COFEK! When the interest rates bill was passed into law, we the normal Kenyans know that it affected the interest rates and consequently the monthly instaments. However, a bank named Equity Bank (K) LTD has assumed the word "Interest" to be synonymous with "Instalment". Rather than lowering the interest rates, they are advising their clients that they have reduced the number of instalments to be repaid. As if not enough, they are incentivizing the trick by asking client to apply for top ups to cover the new free months. There are two main reasons for this method; First is to hope that in the course of loan repayment something will happen and the good governor will raise the CBK rate higher and secondly, they will continue posting their "Normal" profits to exude some confidence in the shareholders atleast for a few quaters even when things are tough. We are not confident with this method and also had a reason for choosing that repayment period.
#13 Luck Kevoli 2016-08-14 04:35
Cofek, please advise if a landlord is justified to erect an advertising billboard within a residential compound on the parking for tenants cars?This parking is facing Ngong road where other than parking only, small children also play.
The apartments are called Clairemont gardens along ndemi/ ngong road intersection.
What recourse do we have in this; go to court or Corel also intervene?

#12 alpha okumu 2016-07-16 21:05
Hi, i bought rocyo 12g satchet in february whose content is wanting, plus the weight is far below the kebs recommended quest for a thorough, explanation from uniliver kenya failed since the letters and sample sent were not given attention. to date i have no response but still custodian of more sample. My visit to kebs office in kisumu and statement recorded at kondele police station bore no fruit, where are you cofek chip in, millions are ignorant of this
#11 charles 2016-07-11 05:50
Total station in sotik main street is a mess , i took my gas for replacement only for them to give me twice , less weight cylinder and with incombustible gas, , the watchman claimed that its " excess" , my very basic chemistry tells me that its just bicycle pump gas , or else why fill the gas cylinder with non combustible gas ? shame
#10 brian 2016-06-03 10:17
Hallo, am Brian and I would like to launch a serious claim against one company along lithuli avenue by the name, Waleed electronics. I bought a new smart TV called TCL brand, after they convinced me of it good quality, 40inch smart tv for 35000k. After just a month its began having problem and emmediately informed them, my warrant is still valid and now it happens that I have to pay for it to be software upgraded. Am irritated by these guys please assist where possible as these guys have proven to be rude, irritating and seem not to bother about this. Just make aware to the rest of consumers about this faulty brand of TV in the market and this business by called Waleed electronics to be investigated about there operations and how they treat and handle customer products. They are a Muslim guys who I thought do clean jobs but now I know better. Please assist.
Regards Brian.
#9 Gichana 2016-02-22 11:35
Zuku has sent me a notification of an increase in their monthly charges in the pretext of improving the connectivity from 10 to 15 MBPS. I am comfortable with the current 10mbps. Are they justified?
#8 Japhet O. Jalango 2016-02-18 12:26
Please Sir can you check out about GOTV. We pay and no services delivered. Thankyou
#7 Mathew 2016-01-31 19:17
I just bought some cakes/muffins from a reputable outlet... just before I took the snack found some of them had a smell of being expired... What do you advise?
#6 M. Terah 2015-11-30 10:54
Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ltd has increased the interest rates to 22.83% and extended the loan tenor to maintain the same installment rate in contradiction to a commitment they made to the public that they will not increase the rates given that the treasury bill rates has come down. This is misrepresentation and dishonest by the bank.
To all standard bank customers, please check on this deceit by the bank and make decision to save yourselves.
#5 Urembo Nelsson 2015-10-30 02:29
Have been to these situation where the house agent remove your door coz of rent arrears, remove your main door , sent auctioneers before even writting to you a demand letter saying that they shall be sending auctioneers. More than that even after attaching your things and disconection of water and staying without the door is it still right .

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